Welcome to Waterfalls Day Spa

Spring is on it's way (promise!), and with the warmer temperatures comes a sense of renewal and growth.

Waterfalls invites you to come in for a wellness treatment to shed the winter energy and regain optimism and balance by experiencing one of our spa services.

a'chromatherapy™ is our patent pending signature treatment created, designed and tested by our therapist right here at Waterfalls! a'chromatherapy™ is a spa therapy combining the power packed modalities of color, aroma and guided meditation during your massage, facial and pedicure. Look for the spa services with a'chromatherapy™ to bring you a greater sense of wellbeing and balance. 

You begin a'chromatherapy by choosing one of 7 nature images, such as this one:


If orange resonates with you, your treatment will be customized for you based on the properties of color therapy, aroma therapy, and a signature guided meditation with original music.

View more images at www.achromatherapy.com




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To speak with Mandy or Alex to schedule your spa treatment,

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Sara Daly, Physical Therapist, Complex Lymphatic Therapist, Massage Therapist

Laurie Webb, Esthetician, Licensed Nail Technician, Speech Language Pathologist

Sarah Tierney Kuhl, New York Licensed Massage Therapist

Barbara Gibson, Licensed Nail Technician, Massage Therapist

Mandy Hodson, Spa Coordinator and Client Services Manager

Alex Larrow, Spa Coordinator and Client Services

Katy Moore, Esthetician, Registered Nurse



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